FOF #2017 – Lola Von Miramar and the Delicious Tostones

Jul 20, 2014 · 1985 views

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Although Professor Larry La Fountain has made significant contributions to the field of Queer Latin American studies, he’s probably best known for his drag debut in “How to Make Tostones” which inspired our new web series Cooking with Drag Queens.

Today Larry La Fountain joins us to talk about his fabulous second career as drag queen Lola Von Miramar.


  1. Nickadoo says:

    FYI, this episode is different than the one in the description. It’s Tommy Holl, Pocket Gays, Gaybraham Lincoln and Milkybar Penises.

  2. Thanks for having me (and Lola) on the show!

  3. re: slang and idioms.

    Has anyone been to Argentina recently? When i was there 10 years ago i kept hearing “awful” over and over. I finally realized that it was slang for amazing, a full. Here’s how it was used:

    How was the club last night?

    It was “a full”.

    this of course made no sense to me, especially being bilingual. It was used exactly the same way Mexican say “padrisimo”. Which also makes no sense, but at least its a spanish word.

    I wonder if this word is still being used by the trendy gays in Buenos Aires and Gualeguaychú.

    very entertaining show! Lola can says tostones all day long, i’ll giggle every time.

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