FOF #2063 – School of Drag

Oct 12, 2014 · 1985 views

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When Trannyshack veteran Vinsantos DeFonte moved to New Orleans several years ago, he realized that there wasn’t an easy way for young or inexperienced performers to learn the tricks of the trade so he started the New Orleans Drag Workshop, which might be the world’s first school for drag queens and kings.

Today Vinsantos DeFonte joins us from New Orleans to talk about being head-Mister-ess for his School of Drag.


  1. TheOneDoc says:

    Yesss for Wendy O and yes for playing with fire.

    “Lighting fires and destroying things” maybe that’s an 90s “alternative” queen thing…
    but in all honesty I still love to do that only nowadays (18 years later) the collateral damage is minimized.

  2. TheOneDoc says:

    An other nice thing for new queens besides the great fun that is is Tumblr’s Drag Race.

    They just got cycle 5 going

  3. DIIS says:

    Hi Fausto. This was a very interesting podcast and super cool to listen to. There is something a tiny bit similar in the tumblr drag community. There is an online competition on tumblr called “Tumblr’s Drag Race”. The format is basically like RPDR, but with amateur drag queens as well as queens who want to improve/work on their craft. I haven’t been on it, but i’ve seen many young queens from this competition blossom. I’ve gotten shows thanks to the advice they’ve given. They are on their fifth cycle if you are interested. Their url is . I think you’ll appreciate it. 🙂

  4. Mars says:

    Another fascinating show! Wish I lived in SF or New Orleans to be able to watch all these amazing drag shows.

  5. Fun podcast! Perhaps Lola von Miramar will pick up a few tricks!

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