FOF #2292 – Poking the Eye of the Beholder

Feb 17, 2016 · 1985 views

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We all know that beauty is subjective – that not everyone agrees on what looks good, but nonetheless most merchandise is sold based on a very narrow idea of what is hot.

Our guest today is NSFW erotic blogger Clark Rogers, who writes about beauty standards and inspiring others to look at themselves in new ways.


  1. Nathan says:

    I find a lot of porn on Google. In what way is Google penalizing you for using the word?

    The only people who seem to like In-N-Out are native Californians. It never took for me, as a transplant. It’s overrated.

    It’s more of a cage. You can pee, but I can only imagine what happens when you get an erection.

  2. Rob says:

    I loved episode #2292. Clark you brought up several important issues around aging, technology, and remaining relevant. I listen to lots of podcasts. I read all the time, mostly non-fiction, social commentary and self-help type stuff. I read one to three books a week. I heard you say a few things I’ve never heard or seen articulated before in quite the way you said them. You could pull any one of several sentences you said in this podcast and write a movie, a book, a TV show or develop podcast episodes around those single sentences. My mind was blown. I’ve lived as an openly, out gay man for 36 years. At 54, a survivor, I’m struggling in a world that doesn’t value my experience. Largely because no matter how much I try I’m unseen. I want to give back to my ‘community’ haha, like that exists. Invisible yet determined and grateful, Rob

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