FOF #2291A – Brolitas, Bronies, Furries and Anime Queens

Feb 16, 2016 · 1985 views

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Comic Book expos are drawing record crowds and are facing a new threat— horny fans who think they can do whatever they want to someone dressed up as a sexy comic book character.

Today, one of Chicago’s drag and cosplaying sensations, Fox E. Kim, joins us to dish on the ever growing cosplay scene, brolitas, bronies, furries and sexy anime queens.


  1. Nathan says:

    Hebephilia is abnormal sexual attraction to pubescent tweens 11 – 14, but attraction to post-pubescent teens 15 and older is just considered normal sexual attraction by psychologists.

  2. Alberto says:

    No they did NOT make Deadpool more gay or more queer -whatever than means anyway.
    In Comics he does drag as well.
    We didn’t even see a glimpse of his pansexuality.
    He was straight in the movie.

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