FOF #2556 – Erika Klash is Hard to Kill

Dec 7, 2017 · 481 views

The good thing about having Erika Klash on Cooking with Drag Queens is she will eat anything. Photos: Brett Sarian and Johannes Ballé.

On the second season of Dragula, the search for the world’s next drag super monster, anime inspired drag queen Erika Klash was stabbed, shot, fed horrible food and worst of all, forced to tell the truth.

Even though Erika got killed off in a gruesome voodoo doll sequence, like all good monsters, the grave couldn’t hold her back and her spirit returned to stir up she-nanigans on the next episode.

Today Erika Klash, our favorite Nuyorican Harajuku drag queen joins us to give an exclusive look at Dragula Season 2.

Listen as Erika talks about her deep friendships with controversial queens Abhora and Monikke Shame, what her mother thought of seeing her son tortured on TV and why the Boulet Brothers might be the most wholesome gay couple on TV right now.


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