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FOF #2655 – Peaches Christ’s Terror Vault

It’s Halloween time and all across the country folks are lining up to get scared at their local haunted house.

Today Peaches Christ gives us a sneak peak at her new attraction Terror Vault, a fully theatrical, immersive haunted show where guests participate in a twisted tale of horror located in the historic San Francisco Mint. The haunted house is full of creepy zombies, weirdos, ghosts and of course, the scariest devils of them all: drag queens!

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FOF #2556 – Erika Klash is Hard to Kill

On the second season of Dragula, the search for the world’s next drag super monster, anime inspired drag queen Erika Klash was stabbed, shot, fed horrible food and worst of all, forced to tell the truth.

Today Erika Klash, our favorite Nuyorican Harajuku drag queen joins us to give an exclusive look at Dragula Season 2.

FOF #2552 – Peaches Christ’s Evil Little Children

The holidays are upon us and we are about to be treated to the screaming sounds of children so it’s easy to imagine them as the starring monster in any horror film.

Today horror movie maniac Peaches Christ joins us to kick off the holiday season with a look at our favorite films that feature sweet little angels of death.

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FOF #2073 – I Married a Monster

There’s so much you can learn from horror and sci-fi movie monster couples, like Frankenstein and his Bride, Brad and Janet from Rocky Horror and Chucky and his wife Tiffany: these unconventional couples either made their relationship work or gloriously ended the whole affair.

Today Peaches Christ joins us to take a look at what we can learn from our favorite monster couples relationships and how to put it to use in your own life.

Listen as Peaches talks about being charged with lewdness and blasphemy after appearing on BBC radio.

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VIDEO: Sharon Needles’ “Call Me on the Ouija Board”

Sharon Needles calling you on the Ouija board so you better listen! And watch this awesome video that pays tributes to the great horror films because every dime of CGI is well spent! When I […]

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FOF #1596 – Murder She Wrote

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the killer who chopped up his boyfriend for a little publicity has been caught, ending a sensational international manhunt.

Are we cultivating unhealthy relationships by sharing ourselves on social media, or are people just uptight about the new generation’s way of expressing themselves and understanding others?

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VIDEO: Campy Gay Dracula

Gay Dracula is going to get his bite on in this campy 1970’s short.

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Video: Hysterical Horror Trailer

“It’s exactly what you think it is.”

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FOF #1453 – The Zombie Musical

Annie get your gun, and shoot the zombies in the head! Join us as we talk with the creators of “Musical of the Living Dead,” Marc Lewallen and Brad Younts, about the appeal of zombie films, zombies as a reflection of our times and a sugar-free recipe for stage blood that won’t send you to the hospital, cause that would be really confusing.

VIDEO: My Favorite Italian Horror Films

Here’s some of the Italian horror films that we talked about in the podcast with Peaches Christ. While I was researching these films, they all appeared on YouTube but now that I go to write […]

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