FOF #2561 – Disasterina, the Creature from the Drag Lagoon

Dec 18, 2017 · 1252 views

Some girls wear pink. Disasterina, photos by: Disasterina Dragkwene, Marcel Dejure.

One of the most talked about drag queens from Season 2 of Dragula is Disasterina, the rock & roll queen from a magical dimension. She who won our hearts with her goofy sensibilities and her love for transforming trash into treasure.

Although her quest to become the World’s Next Drag Supermonster didn’t end as she’d like, her elimination which paid homage to the classic film Psycho, but with Madonna-inspired cone breasts, was the perfect send off for LA’s most disastrous queen.

Today, Disaterina joins us to talk about her group marriage with multimedia artist Treiops Treyfid and Ave Rose from the reality TV show Steampunk’d, how cosplay inspires drag and how much glübeschlobber is too much glübeschlobber.

Happy holidays from Disasterina. Photo: Angela Whitworth, dress: Marcel Dejure.


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