FOF #2562 – Star Wars: The Last Judy

Dec 19, 2017 · 632 views

Snoke’s red throne room looks an awful lot like Marilyn Monroe’s stage in Gentlemen Prefer Blodes. Brian Sweeney photo: Fausto Fernós.

SPOILERS!! In the new Star Wars, Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Rey finds Luke isolated on a far off planet where he’s been hiding out for years. Rey is thirsty to learn the ways of the Force, but Luke thinks it’s time to end the Jedi order.

What if the galaxy were better off if there were no Jedi or Sith?

Today Star Wars superfan and comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to figure out just how hot a shirtless Kylo Ren is and if the force is a medical condition, are there any pills you can take for it?


Disney now owns everything, making Rocky Horror’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter & the Alien Queen new Disney princesses.

Chewbacca goes vegan thanks to the sad eyes of the Porg.

Why the Star Wars Holiday Special looked like everyone was high on the set.

Check out Star Wars Holiday Special and comedy icon Bruce Villanch talk about creating this notorious masterpiece!

Are you truly toyetic? Find out what it takes to turn yourself into a priceless collectors toy.

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