FOF #2095 – Attack of the Sequels

Dec 17, 2014 · 1985 views

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What year is this? Hollywood is suddenly bombarding us with teaser trailers for beloved film franchises from our youth: Star Wars, Terminator, Jurassic Park and Mad Max.

Joining us is film fanatic Brian Sweeney, who, when he’s not busy looking at dirty pictures on the internet, he’s digging up the dirt on all these upcoming movies.


  1. I get in a good mood every time I watch this hilarious beauty pageant mess. Bless you Stacy Hedger, wherever you are.

  2. Than says:

    The Technological Singularity isn’t the moment we have ‘AI’. The Technological Singularity isn’t a moment in time or an event. It is this period of time that we are already in that we cannot see beyond. We cannot predict any longer what the implications of the exponential growth of information technology will be. The Technological Singularity is the next step of human evolution where humans merge with machines. Yes. It begins with everyone having a smartphone and porting out information processing to machines, but it will ‘end’ when the smartphone is an outboard brain implanted in our skulls, when we are interfacing directly with the digital and analog worlds that no longer have clear borders. Human level generalized artificial intelligence is just one piece of the Technological Singularity.

    Actually, there’s a pretty high probability that the entire universe is an extra-dimensional computer simulation.

    It’s good that people are there to complain about Moses’ wife in ‘Exodus’ not being a black African in so much as Moses is a fictional character and the mass exodus of jews from Egypt never happened. Complaining that Moses’ wife is not black in this movie is like complaining that Medusa was not played by a Greek actress in Clash of the Titans. So disrespectful of mythology! It’s fiction people. Get over it. Likewise with Star Wars by the way. Jesus Christ! Who gives a fuck what Disney does with George Lucas’ dried up poop?

    • A simulated universe (ala Matrix) sounds like an interesting idea, but theres some compelling writing saying it’s highly unlikely:

      Everything in every religious book is a metaphor for something else. It’s not a big deal to me if Moses or Santa Claus is black, white, Latino, Asian, etc, since it’s the concept that matters to the people who believe, not the factual nature of it.

      Faith isn’t based on facts. I don’t know why religious people worry about facts since they acknowledge that their beliefs are built on mythology. Go figure.

      This is my kind of Santa! ABOVE

      • Than says:

        Not a Matrix-style simulation, not that we are brains in a jar, but the whole universe as a trans-dimensional computer simulation. I’ve read scientific papers that argue both sides, and I thought the consensus now was that the highest probability is that we are living in a cosmic simulation. We (human scientists) actually do create universes in the laboratory all the time, but they expand out of our universe in a fraction of a microsecond and continue expanding in another dimension. Liars can figure, so take it for what’s worth and what you can understand. This is all based on mathematical models that are way above the heads of ordinary men like us.

        This is more my speed for getting into the holiday spirit.

  3. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys I am really excited for some of the new movies.

    Star Wars I’m intrigued because the prequels really I felt let down, so I’m hoping with a new director these new ones will rock. They loom darker and frankly I want the dark Star Wars movie we where waiting for and Revenge of the Sith was not.

    By the way I found this and laughed my ass off lol, check it out. It’s Star Wars if Trentino did it.

    I’m gonna have to agree with Bryan, the T1000 does not need a penis. It has nothing to fear from being found out so and it’s vocabulary is so limited that there doesn’t seem to be any point to having a dick.

    Now however if it where me and I wanted to kill a target, I’d program my killing machine to get close to the target… It would need to look and act like a person to get close so having a penis for sex may be a needed thing… The T1000 simply looks like a person and sort of says enough to get it by, but that about it.

    Could have a rocket built in to a penis though ‘ )

    I’m also looking foreword to MAD MAX. It looks crazy as fuck and since the original Mad Max was never any cinematic masterpiece, really you can make it better but you really can’t fuck up the post apocalypse LOL

    Anyhow hope you had a happy Halliday and a good new year.

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