FOF #2585 – The Big Ditties Go Extreme

Feb 26, 2018 · 2525 views

Fausto Fernós and Chuckles the clown try to hold up DJ K Hey (Kelly Owens Hutton) in the music video “More than Sad” written entirely on President Trump’s horrifying tweets. Photo: Roman Sobus Photography.

In most families it’s the parents that yell at the kids to turn down the music, but in these three gals households, it’s the moms who rock.

Everyone should have a cool mom like these gals. Tu-PO, DJ K Heyyy and  and Ad Rik better known as The Big Ditties. Photo: Roman Sobus Photography.

Kelly and Temple first came together to carpool their kids to school and after a legendary play date with lots of wine, it all ended with them forming the band, The Big Ditties.

Now these rebellious gals have been called into the copyright law’s principals office for posting a video parody of Extreme’s 1990 hit song “More Than Words” which they’ve rewritten using Trump’s own horrible words.

Today, rockers Kelli Owens Hutton and Temple Schultz who form part of the rock trio The Big Ditties join us to talk about the weird place they find themselves in now that their parody video has been shut down by Extreme’s record label.

Later on we all sat in a jacuzzi and drank mimosas while watching reruns of Love Boat. Photo: Roman Sobus Photography


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How to rock out in everyday life.

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