FOF #2885 – Ellen, Madonna and RuPaul in Crisis

Aug 5, 2020 · 1985 views

Everybody hurts sometime. RuPaul, Ellen and Madonna struggle with being at home during the Covid pandemic.

Celebrities have always been welcome in our homes for their ability to entertain and help us escape the troubles of the world.

But during the Covid pandemic, there’s a reckoning, and many celebrities that we adored before all hell broke loose are now facing their own crisis over their inability to relate to people and at worse, spreading misinformation that can cost people’s lives.

Today we’re taking a look at Ellen, Madonna and RuPaul: three beloved gay icons in crisis.

From Ellen saying she’s going to quit her show if people don’t quit saying she’s secretly a meanie, to RuPaul’s mysterious disappearance from social media and even Madonna spreading a quack doctor’s claim that there’s a Covid cure being kept from the public and that demon sperm is out to get you!

The dubious health claims presented whack as fact in Zach Effron’s new Netflix Daddy/Son travel romp “Down to Earth.”

Solving the mysterious case of the haunted mirror.

Lifetime channel movies go gay and Asian, what’s next, fats and femmes? We certainly hope so!

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