FOF #2981 – Martha Chaves’ Lesbian Disneyland

Sep 6, 2021 · 1985 views

Comedian Martha Chaves with an S, cause Chavez with a Z goes zzzz, not ssss.

Comedian Martha Chaves once thought she’d become a nun so she could be around women and not have to deal with a family that expected her to like men.

But when she became a refugee in Canada, after her native Nicaragua had a revolution, she was able to live her full lesbian fantasy in the nightclubs of Montreal.

Ooh la la labia!

Today comedian Martha Chaves joins us to take a look at all the things Latinx people share in common, wild queer parties in Nicaragua and how to fool your parents into thinking your straight.


Why hasn’t Vosotros caught on as a gender neutral pronoun the way they/them has in English?

Is Despacito a secret gay love song

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