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FOF #2644 – The Greatest Car That Ever Lived

A lot of folks love their cars. And why wouldn’t they? Cars don’t just get us from here to there, they also let us steam up the windows when there’s no place else to get it on.

Today we pay tribute to our dearly departed Honda Accord, the miracle car that we had for 12 years, outlasting many gay bars, drag queen careers and LGBT media networks.

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FOF #2129 – Dance as if Everybody is Watching & Loving It

A thick and juicy guy dancing at a concert has become an internet sensation after Internet trolls posted photos of him first dancing happily to the music and then later hanging his head in shame when he noticed some mean folks laughing at him.

Usually the story ends here, but folks on the Internet have led the charge to turn the Dancing Man’s frown upside down by raising over $35,000 dollars to throw him a big party.

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VIDEO: Hockey Fan Lip Syncs “Friday”

Friday is popular in Canado too.

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VIDEO: 30 Year Anniversary of the 1981 Toronto Bathhouse Riots

Thirty years ago today on February 5, 1981 Toronto police raided a bathhouse and arrested over 300 men! It was such a big fiasco that it really galvanized the community to fight for rights and […]

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”Money for Nothing” Song Not Suitable for Canadian Radio

I sung along to this all through the 80s and never once realized there was a gay slur in it.

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VIDEO: The Queens Message To Canada

For our friends north of the border- Merry Christmas and don’t give the queen so much egg-nog.

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IMAGE: America Loves the Back Door Sex

Who knew Canada and the U.S.A. are f*ck buddies? — Thanks to Shizznit

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Not All Sex Has the Same Risk

Math and sex? Is it a test? Sort of- when it comes to sex, it’s helpful to evaluate the risk to your health. Check out Canada’s new “Do the Math” campaign and evaluate your risk […]

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Vancouver Olympic PRIDE House

The Vancouver Olympic PRIDE House in the Athlete’s village in Vancouver and Whistler, BC Canada offer a safe haven for gay and lesbian athletes and anyone else who wants to drop by while at the […]

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Winter Olympics 2010 or Lilith Fair 1995?

K.d. lang  and Sarah McLachlan to open the Vancouver games.  Could the Winter Olympics BE anymore lezzie?

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