FOF #2644 – The Greatest Car That Ever Lived

Aug 29, 2018 · 2426 views

Marc and Fausto become the first gay couple to accidentally drive their car over Niagra Falls and live to tell their story. Rest in Peace our Honda Accord, ’tis gone over the rainbow bridge to Canada forever. Photo: Fausto Fernós.

A lot of folks love their cars. And why wouldn’t they? Cars don’t just get us from here to there, they also let us steam up the windows when there’s no place else to get it on.

We’re kind of like our beloved Honda Accord- it wasn’t in the greatest shape when we got her but that sweet little car took us far. It carted us around to get stuff for Cooking with Drag Queens, and chauffeured many of the world’s top drag queens, musicians and LGBT comedians for this podcast, Feast of Fun.

Please take a moment and support our GoFundMe to get a used car.

Today we pay tribute to our dearly departed Honda Accord, the miracle car that we had for 12 years, outlasting many gay bars, drag queen careers and LGBT media networks.

RIP After Ellen, you were fabulous!


Niagara Falls and the wonderfully weird folks who were drawn to the natural wonder like moths to a flame.

Niagra Falls, 2018

A couple finally conceives a baby after years of having sex the wrong way.

A hot dog makes Marc lose control on the season premiere of Alt For Norge, the Great Norwegian reality TV show adventure.

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