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Dan Savage Gets Glitter Bombed in Vancouver

Dan Savage was glitter-bombed before his appearance at The Vogue theatre in Vancouver Jan 21, the third such action against the high-profile sex columnist and political commentator in recent months. A group of six activists, […]

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VIDEO: Canadian Comedian’s Rant About Teen Suicide

I wanted to share a video by a popular Canadian comic, Rick Mercer, who is gay. “Rick’s Rant” is part of his weekly news satire show, but his comments about a 15 year old’s suicide […]

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Rapid HIV Test Primer

If you don’t know what a rapid HIV test is then here you go. This is a Rapid HIV test primer I shot for Health Initiative for Men (H.I.M) in Vancouver, BC . H.I.M. is […]

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VIDEO: Foodsluts at Doll & Penny’s Cafe Trailer

This is a trailer for my online serial “Foodsluts at Doll & Penny’s Cafe”. The serial runs every other Thursday on until August 2011. You have to scroll all the way down to the […]

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”Money for Nothing” Song Not Suitable for Canadian Radio

I sung along to this all through the 80s and never once realized there was a gay slur in it.

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Sarah Dearest

In honor of Margaret Cho spilling the bean on the backstage antics of the Palins on DTWS.

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The Virgin Bristol

Bristol Palin, poster child for abstinence…

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Liberace Museum Closing!!!

Thought this might be something you boys are into. Discuss.

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Gay “Archie” Kevin Keller Sues Riverdale High Over Sadie Hawkins Dance

The ACLU has filed legal papers on behalf of Kevin Keller, Riverdale High’s first openly gay student regarding the cruel plan to hold a Sadie Hawkins dance this autumn. Although Kevin is not officially a […]

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