Listening to the Muscles in Your Body – Levi David

Jun 7, 2022 · 1985 views

At the onset of the Covid pandemic, bodybuilder and gymnast Levi David made his dream come true of traveling across the country in his van and working out all over the place. Photos courtesy of Levi David.

At the start of the Covid Pandemic, a lot of people said to “hell with it, I could be a goner tomorrow” so they pursued their wildest dreams! Bodybuilder Levi David decided to sell off most of his goods and like a jacked up Jesus, he traveled the country spreading his gospel of self love and listening to your body.

Let’s Grow Big Together! The podcast you started listening to in order to listen to your body, only your body is always screaming: feed me, I’m horny, and wait I’m not numb!

Today muscle model and Master Personal Trainer Levi David joins us to talk about crisscrossing the country during the Covid Pandemic to rediscover his body and to meet amazing people and work out in some pretty awesome gyms.

Levi’s specializes in Corrective Exercise, Fitness Nutrition and Mindset and has a lot to say on figuring ways to prevent injuries in your workouts.


What the heck is the fascia and why is it so important in building muscle?

Our favorite gyms we’ve been to in the United States.

Our favorite exercises for bigger arms, or at least taking photos to make your arms look bigger.

Episode #3031

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