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FOF #1591 – Kristen Studard is an International Sex Symbol

Whoop whoop! The very funny Kristen Studard joins us today to talk about her fear of pot smoking, now that more Americans support the full legalization of marijuana than they do Marriage Equality.

Plus– Target’s gay t-shirts, Channing Tatum likes having Elton John’s hand up his butt, and what it’s like to be an international sex symbol.

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FOF #1500 – Jason Stuart Never Shook Martin Lawrence’s Hand

Jason Stuart joins us to talk about coming out as a gay comedian in the 90s, opening for Ellen when both of them were in the closet and if he and Martin Lawrence ever kissed and made up.

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FOF #1424 – Cameron Esposito is in Love with You

Oh the crazy things we do when we’re in love. Many people lament not being in a relationship, while others go insane feeling trapped by their loved ones.

Today the hilarious Cameron Esposito joins us to take a look at how the nation’s changing attitude towards Marriage Equality affects us.

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Does Adam Lambert Need Rehab?

Perez Hilton says that Lambert was “super sloppy embarrassingly drunk” at Lady Gaga’s birthday bash at a Mexican restaurant. One eyewitness said: “Adam acted like an animal. When they brought the cake out he tried […]

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FOF #1350 – Seriously Gay

Some people just don’t know how to take a joke- maybe they’ve had a rough life or their current situation is bad, but not being able to find the funny side of life can actually make things worse.

Today we’re joined by Chicago comedians Seth Dodson and Kellen Alexander to explore why we find it so hard to laugh at ourselves, especially about our sex lives.

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ABC Has a Double Standard by Forgiving Chris Brown But Not Adam Lambert

Chris Brown went on a rampage in his dressing room on Good Morning America last week after Robin Roberts asked him some questions about his domestic violence incident with Rihanna two years ago. He tore […]

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FOF #1326 – Mimi Imfurst Gets Carried Away on RuPaul’s Drag Race

True to her dramatic nature, when up for elimination, Mimi Imfurst picked up contestant India Ferrah and carried her across the stage like King Kong on a bad hair day. Listen as we talk with Mimi Imfurst about why she got so physical and if she has any future in wrestling, plus does Adam Lambert need a diaper?

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VIDEO: Adam Lambert’s “Fever”

VH1 TV Shows | Music Videos | Celebrity Photos | News & Gossip Here’s Adam Lambert’s singing “Fever” at NYC’s Nokia Theater. He won’t stop kissing boys!

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PHOTOS: Lance Bass Dresses Up as Adam Lambert

Release the kracken! Lance Bass is getting in touch with the dark side of the force in his latest photoshoot, wearing a lot black eyeliner and gothic frocks, looking a lot like American Idol finalist […]

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Is Anyone Legitimately Shocked by American Idol “Shocking” Finales Anymore?

Welcome back from under your rock! Because if you are just hearing that Lee DeWyze won American Idol, that’s probably where you’ve been. In whats being called another American Idol “shocking” win, local Chicago area […]

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