Does Adam Lambert Need Rehab?

Apr 1, 2011 · 1985 views

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Perez Hilton says that Lambert was “super sloppy embarrassingly drunk” at Lady Gaga’s birthday bash at a Mexican restaurant. One eyewitness said: “Adam acted like an animal. When they brought the cake out he tried […]


  1. number8gurl says:

    Are you completely stupid? Adam has come clean about what happened at Gaga’s Bday party as far as being a bit drunk and punching the ceiling. All that other stuff about him acting like an animal and the stuff with the cake was most likely made up or embellished by Perez Hilton (who also said Adam was kicked out of the party, an allegation that was denied by both Adam and Gaga’s ppl). Excuse me but I believe Adam and Gaga over stupid Perez Hilton. And that other so-called “eyewitness” has never been identified.

    And as far as the Drag race premier Adam seemed perfectly fine there. He gave several interviews and was not drunk. Peeing his pants? I seriously doubt that but hey, it happens. I love everything Adam does and he can pee his pants anytime he wants to LOL. I would gladly babysit drunk Adam and take care of him and even help him out of his clothes and not take advantage of him in his drunken state. Yes I would want to but I wouldn’t do it 🙂

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