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FOF #2452 – Hurts So Good

Cosmopolitan has their heart in the right place— for a major publication, they are pretty cheeky when it comes to giving their readers sexual advice, but for some insane reason, much of that advice will land you in the hospital.

Today, the hilarious Cody Melcher, who knows a thing or two about dicks, joins us to take a look at the painful and hilarious consequences when bondage goes mainstream.

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FOF #1595 – Attack of the 50 Foot Rainbow Flag

Today the fabulous Kyle Greer joins us to give LGBT Pride Parades a musical titty twister plus a new song “Shit Guys Say on Grindr.”

What should Pride Parades be about today? Do fancy drag queens, hot leather daddies, and fierce dykes on bikes make us all look way more interesting than we really are.

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Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller Gets a Husband

In a future Archieverse, Kevin meets his husband while recovering from an injury he receives in the line of duty in the armed forces. It’s great that Archie comics is onboard with the repeal of […]

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VIDEO: ”Riverdale: Archie the Movie” Trailer

Here’s an awesome spoof trailer for “Riverdale: Archie the Movie” made by some fans. Fun and professional. Spoiler: Jughead is gay.

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FOF #1269 – Archie Comics Gay Character Kevin Keller Is a Hit

Archie Comics teen sensation Kevin Keller, the first gay character in the Archie-verse, is a hit with young and old fans alike.

Today Archie Comics writer and artist Dan Parent joins us to break even more exciting news about Kevin Keller- he’s going to get his own four part mini-series due out in summer 2011.

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IMAGE: Preview of the Ground Breaking Archie Comic’s New Gay Character Kevin

Here it is folks! Archie Comics just posted the cover for their groundbreaking new character in the “Archie-verse” Kevin Keller, and he’s dreamy. The comic will be for sale in September and features a storyline […]

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Archie Comic New Gay Teen Character! – Interview with writer and artist Dan Parent

Interview with artist and writer Dan Parent, who tells us that Archie Comics is planning to create a new gay teen character named Kevin.

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FOF #1176 – Comic Book Confidential

Among all the hunky guys in superhero costumes at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo was writer and cartoonist Dan Parent, who for over two decades has worked for Archie Comics helping to bring to life the classic teen comic about Archie Andrews and his friends from the fictional town of Riverdale.

Veronica Comics will soon debut a new character Kevin, who will be the first openly gay teen in the town of Riverdale! You heard it here first folks.

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FOF #992 – A Dream Deferred Isn’t Always a Dream Denied

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court announced it’s disappointing decision to uphold Proposition 8 which removed the right for same-sex couples to get married. Although we taped this show in advance of knowing the decision outcome, […]

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