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FOF #868 – French Fruit Flies

Just a few more days until Halloween! What are you dressing up as? When we’re not busy podcasting, we love to dress up as pandas. Panda, panda, don’t you wanna panda, panda? On today’s show […]

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FOF #856 – Do It for Your Country

Only 25 days until the country elects Barak Obama as president! Okay, so I’m an optimist. On today’s show Jim Bennet, the funny man from GayCo, Second City’s gay offspring comes to dish it up […]

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FOF #854 – Round Two, Obama Vs. McCain

Ding ding, Round Two! Barak Obama and John McCain face-off once again in the fight for America’s Presidency, stabilizing the economy and our hearts. What was up with that red carpet? It hurt my eyes! […]

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FOF #816 – Market Days Madness

What a weekend! Chicago almost busted at the seams as over 200,000 people came from all parts of the world to hang out, celebrate and enjoy the perfect weather, music and sexy people walking around […]

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FOF #806 – A Heart of Gold

We’ve got a delicious bucket of hope! I’m sure you’ve check out Presidential hopeful Barak Obama dazzling speech to the world in Germany, while rival John McCain spoke to diners in a German Restaurant in […]

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FOF #800 – We Are All Hussein

Happy 800 shows everyone! Love to watch that odometer of podcasting turn. Today we’re thrilled to have our good friend, writer and health advocate Jim Pickett joining us to dispel some rumors, conspiracies and misconception […]

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FOF #718 – Too Soon to Tell

Folks, we stayed up till the wee hours of the night trying to report back to you on who won. What was the outcome of this difficult decision? It seems at this point the country […]

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