FOF #806 – A Heart of Gold

Jul 28, 2008 · 1985 views

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We’ve got a delicious bucket of hope! I’m sure you’ve check out Presidential hopeful Barak Obama dazzling speech to the world in Germany, while rival John McCain spoke to diners in a German Restaurant in […]


  1. iko says:

    i saw the flickr photostream and dammn, amanda is hottt. is she going to continue lookin like that? i miss the cute shirt and purple hair tho.

    comment on this episode later (havent finished listening)

  2. Ronan says:

    Scott Sherman’s book was excellent. It’s a page turner and leaves you in a place you want to be. It’s nice to have a gay themed book without the pathos that leaves you feeling happy and optimistic instead of hopeless and depressed. I look forward to the sequel. Thanks for having him on the show. Guests like this are a light at the end of the tunnel for us older guys that grew up repressed.

  3. valhum says:

    OMG Amanda is looking fabulous, loves it. Scott, looking pretty hot too :oD

  4. Great show !

    I watched Obama`s speech live and I was really impressed !

    Last week I also watched the X-files movie. Although I am a huge X-files fan i was a bit disappointed. It is rather a long episode than a movie. But It was still great to see Mulder and Scully back…i miss them !
    But what happened to David Duchovny? He used to be handsome. OK, he is already 48 but he is looking like shit in the movie. I agree with Fausto, he needed desperately some make-up!

    I am interested in the book, hope I can get it here in Germany.

  5. Superboy says:

    Somebody please beat Duchovny with the pretty stick!

  6. Maybe Sal-E can help you out, giving Duchovny a makover.

  7. Kev says:

    We need more public gay daddies out there like Scott Sherman showing people that a gay parent is no different (if not better) than a straight parent.

  8. Scott Sherman says:

    Thanks for your nice comments, all. Especially you, Valhum. Smile.

    Ronan, I’m so glad you liked the book! I really appreciate your sharing that. How did you hear about it?

    I’ve had the chance to spend time with Marc and Fausto in person, and I can tell you all that they are every bit as nice and sweet and smart and funny as they sound on the show. I really appreciate their having me on air. Y’all can bet I’ll mention them in the next book, too, although by then I’ll probably be pimping the TV show I expect they’ll have any day now. Smile. Thanks, guys!

  9. Michael says:

    Scott, it was so great hearing someone discuss (with some authority) those fabulous/awful made-for- TV teen melodramas of the 70’s. You are right…most of them did star Linda Blair, but “Dawn, Portrait of A Teenage Runaway” and “Alexander, the Other Side of Dawn” were the best of the genre, and both had Eve “Jan Brady” Plumb. Small piece of trivia: “Dawn” featured music by the Runaways, an all-girl LA rock group from the mid-70’s featuring a young Joan Jett.

    Anyway, you made my day. Congratulations on the book.

  10. Matt says:

    Loved Scott. He sounds like an amazing person. I wish his old podcast on parenting was still available. 馃檨 B/c I eventually will want to adopt a few kids. Its just something I’ve always wanted to do. I think I’ll make a great “mom.” And all that info and advice would shurly help. 馃榾 Loved hering about his book, I will most deffinetlly be getting it the next time I go into the city. Great show guys!!

  11. His podcast is still there Matt. Follow the link on the show notes.

  12. corey says:

    I must’ve been the only one who actually liked “The X-Files: I Want to Believe.”

    Yes, it was like a long episode of the show or an odd-numbered “Star Trek” film, but I felt aspects of it were a necessary evil. When the show ended they were no longer with the FBI, so it wouldn’t have made sense to have them hunting aliens again without getting them back into the act.

    I liked that it was dark, harsh and cold. Of course, maybe that’s because I’ve been in a similar mood of late. Hmm…

  13. I did like it kinda, I’m just mad at it too.

  14. Matt says:

    Thanks Marc. 馃檪

  15. Wow Amanda looks stunning! Loved the interview with Scott and looking forward to getting the book. Like Marc I follow Luke and Noah on Youtube as we don’t get As the World Turns here and one dedicated fan cuts all the Nuke (Noah/Luke) bits out. I can see Van Hansis playing a gay detective quite easily. I’m also hooked on the Christian/Oliver story on a German soap 馃榾

  16. Anna says:

    Julie Andrews… *sigh* She is one of my first celeb crushes.

  17. Saman says:

    Wooow. It is a fabulous make over Amanda.

    You GO GIRL ! ! !

    How many guys asked you to go on a date so far?

  18. Alex says:

    Amanda!!! You look so gooooood = ) When is this episode airing? Did it already air? Did I miss it?!

  19. Chelsea says:

    I am also curious about when the episode of What Not to Wear is airing. I seriously can’t wait to see it! I just want to see if Fausto hit on Clinton. I absolutely love him.

  20. You know me well! I doubt that moment will air.

  21. LISTEN to the show- the episode will air in September.

  22. Chelsea says:

    Lol.. I hope it airs. I will be waiting for that moment. Thanks!

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