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FOF #2052 – Three Guys and a Podcast

Comedian Jeffrey Jay, one of the most lovable trans guys you’ll ever meet, left Texas for L.A. to pursue his comedy career. Since then he’s teamed up with Beau Bowker and James Ponce to do a podcast called Two Black Women even though there’s not even one black woman on the show let alone two.

Listen as we talk about how they chose the odd name for the podcast. Also who is sexier- Beau or James, and the appeal of size to certain queens.

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FOF #1831 – The Thin Line Between Heroes and Villains

Alan Turing was hailed as a hero for cracking the Nazi’s Enigma code but was then later persecuted for being gay. Today Brian Sweeney to take a look at the thin line between heroes and villains, and how we sometimes crucify our heroes for being human.

Plus, we mark the passing of Michael L Jackson, a Chicago gay community leader who in a meth fueled rage, killed a cab driver in 2005.

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FOF #1805 – The Purrrfect Legacy of Eartha Kitt

The late great Eartha Kitt is probably best remembered for her role as the iconic Catwoman on TV’s Batman as well as for her provocative songs. Eartha took her show all over the world, and along for the ride, was her daughter Kitt, who Eartha took everywhere.

Joining us today is Kitt Shapiro, who is now dedicating her life to preserving her mother’s legacy with the lifestyle brand Simply Eartha.

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FOF #1626 – Spoiler Alert

Comedian Brian Sweeney join us to take a look at violence as a disease, the incredibly bad luck of one of the victims, how the killings affect the Batman film and the healing power of humor to cope with horrific events.

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VIDEO: Super Golden Friends

What happens when four superfriends retire and move to Miami to share a ranch style home? Thanks Joe!

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VIDEO: Robin, Are You Gay? Session #2!

Batman is cool with Robin being gay so why won’t he come out?

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DC Comics Superheroes as Rocky Horror Picture Show

The superheroes of DC comics re-envisioned as the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s not so bad Brad!

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VIDEO: Batman Gets a Beatdown

If you don’t have what it takes to wear the costume, think twice about trying to be badass.

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DC Comics Announces Batman is a Bottom – Kids Have Hours of Fun With This New Toy

I found this toy at Target Department Store. I am not sure I am kinky enough to watch the video of it when it comes out… but it is intriguing. I wonder if Batman has […]

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