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FOF #2603 – Peaches Christ on Movies with Wild Women

A lot of us who love drag, love it because because it channels the spirit of those wild, outrageous women who embrace their rebellious side and point their middle finger at what the world wants them to be.

Today. Peaches Christ, San Francisco’s drag impressario and cult film fanatic joins us to take a look at movies with wild women who don’t give a fuck. Listen as we look at sexploitation and hagsploitation in films.

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FOF #2342 – The Women Who Inspired Drag Queens

Behind every great drag queen is a great woman- female entertainers who inspired them to be the outrageous drag queen we all love.

Today drag queen historian and video blogger Jaymes Mansfield, who draws his inspiration from the tragic 60s blond bombshell Jayne Mansfield, joins us to talk about the great women who inspired great drag queens.

FOF #2320 – The Incredible Life of Male Actress Charles Pierce

Long before people lined up to meet the reality TV stars from RuPaul’s Drag Race, comedian Charles Pierce packed the clubs from the 1960s to the 90s with his outrageous send ups of Hollywood’s Golden Age divas.

Today we’re joined by actor Kirk Fredrick, whose new book “Write That Down! The Comedy of Male Actress Charles Pierce,” details his work as a producer, stage manager, and dresser to Pierce for over 20 years.

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FOF #1915 – Incredibly Strange Christmas – Hollywood’s Golden Age Divas, Vol. 6

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, radio was king and movie stars were required to go on the radio and released music with hilarious results. Join us as we take a look at some of the divas of Hollywood’s Golden Age who took a little too much pleasure in torturing their kids at Christmas.

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VIDEO: The Snake BIte

The classic snake bite joke featuring Bette Davis, Tallulah Bankhead and Katharine Hepburn. Thanks Jaymes.

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Bette Davis Sings “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?”

Sings? Yes, sings. Bette Davis appeared on the Andy Williams show shortly after the release of her 1962 camp horror classic “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” In order to capitalize on the notoriety of the […]

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FOF #839 – Bette Davis Stamps

We’ve got a special delivery for you today! Tracy Tyler joins us to talk about the new Bette Davis Stamp released by the US. Postal Service. The legendary Hollywood actress will be honored on September […]

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Katherine Hepburn in “Coco”

As Coco Chanel, self-assured film legend Katherine Hepburn swans her way through the finale of Broadway’s “Coco,” then reveals a singing voice every bit as distinct as that of Lauren Bacall. The intricate set is […]

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