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FOF #2670 – Jaymes Mansfield Gets into Wrestling

Today Jaymes Mansfield, who became viral for tumbling on the mat on Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race joins us to take a look at the wild world of wrestling.

She’s starting a new video project covering wrestling from a drag perspective. Listen as we chat with Jaymes about what televised wrestling and drag have in common.

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FOF #1802 – A Camping We Will Go

Many people who have never gone camping think it’s romantic– like a Brokeback mountain adventure where nature allows us to blossom. But in reality nature want’s to kill us all.

Today Boy Scout comedian Chris Doucette joins us to tell stories of going camping with a horde of lesbians, his real life Brokeback mountain experience and fighting with pirates in the mountains of Tennessee.

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