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Illinois Civil Unions Go Live

Civil unions in Illinois went into effect today and there was a ceremony in downtown Chicago with Gov. Quinn and Rahm Emanuel to celebrate.

I’ve included some videos, news and photo links. I’ll update as more media comes forward.

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UPDATE: Defeat for Anti-Gay Bill SB1123

Update: the bill was defeated in committee.

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VIDEO: Pen Politics – The Signing of the Civil Unions Bill in Illinois

Gov. Pat Quinn’s wrist must be sore. Why did they use so many pens?

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VIDEO: Gay Man with Tambourine on Endless Loop

Celebrating the passing of Civil Unions in Illinois, the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus Sings “Brand new Day” from the Wiz, and a guy with a tambourine steals the show. (That’s Arnie Cuarenta, the General Manager […]

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FOF #1321 – Civil Unions Come to Illinois

Hooray for Illinois as Governor Pat Quinn signs civil unions into law! Illinois is now one of a dozen states with significant legal protections for same-sex couples.

And yet, some are saying that it’s simply more Jim Crow laws, creating a second class status for people locked out of Federal marriage rights. Listen as we talk about Carol Mosley Braun knows who’s on crack and SNL’s controversial trans skits.

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Civil Unions Signed Into Law

It was a joy to witness the signing of the Civil Union Bill in Illinois! I took to this picture with my phone but we have more pics and videos coming soon!

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Civil Union Legislation Passes IL Senate and Now Awaits Governor Quinn’s Signature

Landmark civil unions legislation, giving committed long-term partners important legal protections afforded to other Illinois families, has cleared another hurdle as the Illinois Senate voted Wednesday to pass the bill.

The measure now awaits signature from Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, who has promised to sign it into law.

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Civil Unions passed Illinois House yesterday, should pass Senate today

I HIGHLY recommend you watch the Illinois Senate closely today.  The bill is expected to pass the state Senate, and this bill has been a priority for Governor Quinn, so expect him to be on […]

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FOF #1295 – Lesbian in a Bridesmaid’s Dress

Comedian Cameron Esposito talks about hosting a burlesque show, circus life and her Nancy Drew like experience of discovering her friend’s secret sex dungeon. Cameron recently took a lipstick bullet and femmed it up for her sister’s wedding, with hilarious results.

Plus- Celebrities die digitally for AIDS, Beer for Dogs, Mountain Climbing Pumps and Rhinestone Covered Guns.

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Reporting from Netroots Nation 2010

As stated Tuesday, I’m in lovely Las Vegas for Netroots Nation 2010–the largest progressive blogger conference in the United States. You may have heard we’re here–GetEQUAL announced to the world Tuesday that they got into […]

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