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FOF #1813 – Superman is a Biscuit

Spoiler Alert! Man of Steel, the new Superman reboot opened in theaters over the weekend, to the sweet tune of $125 million, guaranteeing more sexy movies featuring the muscular Henry Cavill saving the day.

Joining us today is comic book enthusiast Brian Sweeney and comic book publisher Zan Christensen to take a look at all the sexy, ridiculous, weird things about the new Man of Steel film.

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FOF #1777 – Fabulous Gay Moments in Comic Book History

Holy homoerotic undertones Batman! Gay folks sure love comic book superheroes.

We all can identify with characters who aren’t like “normal” people and have to hide their secret identities or maybe it’s just their perfect bodies in colorful tight spandex?

Today supergeek Brian Sweeney talks about fabulous real gay moments in comic book history.

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FOF #1579 – El Gay Incredible Hulk

Hulk laugh!

The gay Mexican hulk of comedy, Bill Cruz, joins us to take a look at the new Avengers movie, the gay overtones in Captain America and why some folks might be left with a bad taste in their mouth after seeing this otherwise awesome film.

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FOF #1565 – Nerds, Superheroes and Comic Book Geeks

Queer comic book tycoon Zan Christensen joins us to talk about the growing field of queer comic books and how to cruise for guys at comic book conventions.

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PHOTOS: Chris Hemsworth Remarkble Muscular Transformation

Chris Hemsworth has made a remarkable transformation to beef up his already awesome body to a muscle giant of comic book hero proportions. The hunky actor turned muscle god was interviewed by BuzzSugar about his […]

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Rachel Maddow’s “Voice Over Theater” Takes on DADT Training Comic Book

Rachel Maddow, everyone’s favorite lesbian news anchor, took the liberty of having her staff voice the recently uncovered Official Military “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” comic book training guide. As Maddow points out, the policy made so much sense back in 2001 that the military needed to put it into comic book form so people could understand it. Keep in mind that in 2001, DADT was eight years old.

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IMAGES: Unlicensed Parodies of Archie Comics in Drag

Because of the squeaky clean of Archie and his friends, many comic book artists over the years have shared a chuckle depicting the characters in alternate situations, where Archie and Reggie are trannies who find […]

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Archie Comic New Gay Teen Character! – Interview with writer and artist Dan Parent

Interview with artist and writer Dan Parent, who tells us that Archie Comics is planning to create a new gay teen character named Kevin.

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Fierce Real-Life Comic Book Make-Up Technique

Check out this make-up artist as she painted a woman to look like a comic book character. A real-life Lichenstein! I can so see many club kids using this technique.

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