FOF #1813 – Superman is a Biscuit

Jun 18, 2013 · 1985 views

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Spoiler Alert! Man of Steel, the new Superman reboot opened in theaters over the weekend, to the sweet tune of $125 million, guaranteeing more sexy movies featuring the muscular Henry Cavill saving the day.

Joining us today is comic book enthusiast Brian Sweeney and comic book publisher Zan Christensen to take a look at all the sexy, ridiculous, weird things about the new Man of Steel film.


  1. That’s not a hooker, that’s Lorelei Ambrosia, the assistant to Robert Vaughn!

    God, that movie sucks.

  2. Than says:

    Mxyzptlk, pronounced mix yez pit lik, in the next film.

    Darkseid for the final film in what is inevitably going to become a trilogy.

    Are they going to do a Justice League film in answer to the Avengers? Egh.

  3. fun show, although there were a few times when everyone was stepping over each other’s words heh

    I was never into Superman as a kid, he bored me, I was more into Spiderman and especially Batman. So I can’t comment on the film, but I can give you the facts behind the origins of tentacle porn. The porn industry in Japan is huge obviously, but as far as porn in comic/animated form goes, there are censorship laws, so the cock gets censored in multiple ways. HOWEVER, if you use tentacles of anything else that isn’t a penis attached to a human male body, then you can get around the censor. Of course now, tentacle porn has become it’s own market, because some porn connoisseurs enjoy seeing a dude or chick getting violated by tentacles rather than a human

  4. Bryce says:

    From one fan boy to another, this podcast was just so much fun. In an earlier podcast, my hot older brother Brian Sweeney once commented on how gay men answer most questions with an eye roll. Well I spent the bulk of this podcast counting the eye rolls and face palm moments of Brian. Brian the cross you bear being the token hetero, hahaha. It was quite amusing listening to Brian and Zan talk about Superman from a fanboy POV – I mean these are two guys who know their comics – and then listening to my sweet Uncle Fausto comment on how hawt Mr. Cavill. It reminds me of when my family all gets together to watch a football or basketball game and there’s my mom over on the sofa talking about how cute the players outfits are. Now I know Uncle Marc and Uncle Fausto also have a love for comics but I love listening to them rile Brian up, especially with the whole Superman made a prostitute moan. I was rolling in my seat. Zan, I enjoyed you on the show and hope you come back. I love a man (or woman) who knows his (or her) comics.

    I’m glad this movie is doing well. Superman, for me, has always been one of those iconic comic book characters that is so hard to adapt to the big screen. With Batman, you have the dark side juxtaposed with the millionaire playboy. Spider-Man has the struggle of being young and having to save the world. The X-Men are hated based on the fact that they are different from the rest of society. Superman, at face value, appears to not really have anything to lose. Yes he has all the cool powers, the cool girl and the cool job. I never really saw much conflict there. Maybe this new approach will redefine him for a new generation. However, I agree with Zan. As a comic book enthusiast from way back when, one of the hardest things is watching the very story you’ve lived with your whole life get manipulated and given THE HOLLYWOOD TREATMENT. I felt the same way when I saw the first X-Men movie back in 2000. Why wasn’t Wolverine in his yellow Spandex? Why doesn’t Rogue have her full powers and why doesn’t she ever get them? Where’s Wolverine’s Canadian accent and Storm’s African accent and isn’t Colossus suppose to be Russian? These are the basic truths we are presented with from day one and when a director or filmmaker ignores them for other treatments, it is a bitter pill to swallow.

    GREAT PODCAST and I truly mean it. Hopefully nothing in this post can be considered shade. I was speaking from the heart.

    • I love shade! **The shade is strong with this one.**

      It’s hard for people coming from a privileged perspective (like straight white guys sometimes have) to understand that their beloved icon Superman can have multiple meanings to many people, and in fact is successful as a icon because of this.

      Was she a whore or just Lex Luthor’s sex toy? Is there a difference? Superman fucked her, and that’s not ambiguous at all.

      Marc and I do a lot of research for the show, and all our guests have access to our notes, but sometimes they don’t get to read them and then are SHOCKED when we bring them up on the show (Superman fucking a sex worker) .

  5. Aaron says:

    When Brian joked that there is no statistical evidence that bisexuals exist, just grainy footage, I said to Angela: “That’s BI-gfoot.”

  6. Aaron says:

    I just saw “Man of Steel” yesterday, and to me it felt a lot like the folks who made the 1981 film “Heavy Metal” (aka “Metal Hurlant” in the original French) decided to make a live-action Superman film. Like, whenever they had a decision about which artistic direction to go, they chose whichever would make the most sense if you had an electric guitar riff wailing behind it. Jor-El flying his four-winged dragon through a volcanic landscape to visit the Kryptonian government; Zod giving Superman a mental vision of drowning in a field of skulls; etc.

    Which, since I’m a fan of “Heavy Metal”, I really enjoyed. It would have been better if it were actually backed by a soundtrack of late-70s early-80s hair metal, though. 😉

  7. cassiofm says:

    Hahaha I love Brian. He made me laugh when Fausto said he came out as bi to his mother and Brian said she said “keep going… keep going” Lol

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