FOF #1814 – Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Jun 19, 2013 · 1985 views

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Katy Perry just revealed that Russell Brand broke up with her via text and and the two have not spoken since their divorce in 2011. Pretty tacky huh?

Today we’re taking a look at how to end any relationship with a little grace and dignity. Why it’s so important to put your emotions aside for a moment so you can walk away from any relationship, whether it be friends, work, family or for love.


  1. As an Irishman who came to America 26 years ago and just stuck around, I can give you a good ice breaker with the Irish who are over here for summer jobs. Go up to them and say “well, what’s the craic?” (“Craic” is pronounced “crack.”) The word by itself means “good time” but in this context, it means “what’s up” or “how are you”?

    He will be so amazed that an American knows this phrase that he will be showing his shillelagh in no time!

    And if you meet an Irishman at a good party and want to go next-level with this, say “the craic is ninety.” I have no idea where this expression comes from, but it means that you’re having a good time.

    Go n’éirí an bóthar leat / good luck!

  2. Gay parents,

    Nice to hear an episode from the opposite perspective, and some of you insight. Unfortunately, I just went through a break up right before moving to DC, so your timing could not have been better.

    Advice to help others:

    1) When someone tells you/shows you who they are, listen to them. If they say “I don’t even think of you,” don’t make up excuses for them why that’s okay. Listen and assess the situation.

    2) Take your time to break up (there really shouldn’t be a rush (if there is, you shouldn’t have let it build up so long (~hey~))). Just like Fausto said, take some time to calm down about the arguments and issues that were presented, make a pro and con list, and arrive at your decision and stick to it. Only break up once.

    3) Where to break up? I suggest a place that is comfortable with each person without specifically having a place of meaning. For example, if you both are comfortable in a coffee shop, pick a random (but intimate) coffee shop. Don’t pick the coffee shop you always had brunch at together–that will only make it worse.

    4) The Feast of Fun Golden rule–man’s rejection is God’s protection. Absolutely! I’ve been half way around the world and I can tell you there will be someone else you click with, and every relationship just prepares you to be a better person for someone else.

    Again, excellent episode, and hopefully I’ll get employed soon so you can use me as bait at hollywood beach for you too. Mr. International Leather P2. =v9

    Miss you both,
    -Ryan Burdick

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