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VIDEO: Banned 90s Lunchables Commercial

I’m going to have Ham ‘n Cheese between two crackers in my head all day.

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VIDEO: Healthy Phallic Commercial

Really it’s apparently called ‘Healthy Penis Commercial’… But a friend posted this on his facebook and I was too shy to post on my own…so I’m posting it here. A commercial from San Fransisco apparently. […]

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VIDEO: Egg Porn: Who’s Excited for Easter?

If you don’t think Easter is gay, watch this clip.  It might change your mind. Possibly NSFW.  Definitely funny.

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VIDEO: Pussy Whipped

In this Fancy Feast® commercial (Rich White Girl Porn), the closeted gay poster boy for “Young Republicans” proposes to his fiance (The Bosses Daughter) in the most cringe inducing fashion imaginable. I already know how […]

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VIDEO: Liqueur Ad With a Twist Ending

I was told how it ended, so I wasn’t surprised, but still thought it was really hot. Safe for work, though, unless work is really strict.

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VIDEO: McDonald’s Gay Commercial Spoof

The end is the funniest.

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Censored Sprite Commercial

This is what you call a huge load 😉

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VIDEO: Commercial 3- Naked Football Players in Match.

Very funny soccer parody.

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VIDEO: Old Spice Man in a Boat with a Moustache

Now the Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, is in a Boat, with a mustache – WOOF!!!

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The Secrets Behind the Old Spice Commercial

If you haven’t seen it yet, Old Spice came out with a new commercial starring super hunky Isaiah Mustafa repeating his role as the “Old Spice Man” YUM!!! Here’s the commercial: Recently Isaiah sat on […]

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