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FOF #2370 – X-Men: Swimsuit Edition

For years, fans of superstar athletes and comic book superheroes have had a love-hate relationship with their ripped bodies. Despite their obvious sex appeal, some folks aren’t liking how Captain America or gymnast Sam Mikulak have been turned into pin-up models.

Today, nightclub community organizer, comedian Adam Guerino joins us to take a look at the very real and imagined world of sexualized super heroes and superstar athletes.

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FOF #2344 – Heklina Will Not Be Silenced

Heklina is a living legend- she started her amazing drag show in San Francisco way back in 1996 that ignited the careers of countless entertainers including Lady Gaga, Peaches Christ and Ana Matronic.

Today, Heklina joins us to take a look at the horrific shooting in Orlando and how gay bar owners are responding to the violence.

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FOF #1984 – Tattoo You

Although 45 million people in the U.S. have at least one tattoo, many face discrimination even when those modifications are not visible and the job doesn’t require any interaction with the public.

Our guest today is Vine celebrity Michael Phoenix, whose six second erotic videos got shut down. Michael is also an avid body modifier, with 25 tattoos and having had over 100 piercings throughout his life.

Listen as Michael Phoenix talks with us about the late tattooed celebrity Stalking Cat, mutilation, modification and social media discrimination.

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Good Morning Baltimore!

So I’m performing in Baltimore this weekend at the Transmodern Festival presenting on Object Fetishes at the Maryland Institute of the Arts and performing Fudgie’s Death at the 14Karat Cabaret. I was even quoted in […]

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GOP Congressman Trolling Women Seeking Men on Craiglist

GOP Congressman Christopher Lee has resigned after a shirtless photo of him and emails between he sent to a woman he met on Craigslist surfaced today. His wife had no idea. Let’s hear it for […]

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VIDEO: Craigslist TV “Getting Married”

Craigslist TV follows real people who have placed real ads on Craigslist. In this episode they follow Mike and Luca, a California couple in love and getting married by Reverand Starbuck, who they found on […]

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