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VIDEO: Dan Savage on Keith Olberman’s Show

The talk Book of Mormon musical and question the motivations of the religious anti-gays. I think it gets most interesting around the 10 minute mark.

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VIDEO: Chicago Responds to “It Gets Better”

  Chicago hosted a videotaping marathon for the It Gets Better Project at the Center on Halsted to help combat the suicides of bullied gay kids. Dan Savage, the creator of the online project surprised […]

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VIDEO: Dan Savage and His Hubby Want You to Know It Gets Better

Sex advice columnist, podcaster and NPR darling Dan Savage has launched a YouTube channel with his hubby called “It Gets Better.” They’re asking for videos from people who want to provide support to gay teens who face the haters, discrimination and bullying in high school.

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Let’s Keep Dan Savage Accountable. Shall We?

If you haven’t heard, Crate & Barrel had a $100,000 Ultimate Wedding contest in which couples competed via online voting to win the……get this…..$100,000 Ultimate Wedding!  A gay couple, Gregory and Jonathan came in second!  Finally […]

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