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FOF #2723 – The Wonder Women of AIDS

Although many moms, sisters, healthcare workers, scientists, friends and Hollywood stars like Liz Taylor played an important role in the fight against AIDS, these incredible women are often forgotten by history.

Today writer Victoria Noe joins us to take a look at the wonder women who fought back and fought AIDS that are featured in her new book “Fag Hags, Divas and Moms: The Legacy of Straight Women in the AIDS Community.”

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FOF #2359 – In Search of the Real Joan Crawford

The film “Mommie Dearest” single handedly cemented Joan Crawford as camp icon for drag queens to emulate but is it a an accurate portrayal of the real Crawford?

Joining us is historian Bryan Johnson, who was inspired to create “The Concluding Chapter of Crawford,” a website museum dedicated to the last two decades of the actress’ life.

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FOF #2349 – The Gayest Album Ever

In what may be the gayest album ever, DJ Ralphi Rosario presents “2 Sides to the Story” a collection of House music and bitch tracks inspired by shady queens, stripper DJs and other gay hi-jinks Ralphi has witnessed over the years as one of the founding fathers of House music.

Listen as Ralphi shares the backstory on some of these songs, working with the top divas and remembering DJ Frankie Knuckles.

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FOF #2342 – The Women Who Inspired Drag Queens

Behind every great drag queen is a great woman- female entertainers who inspired them to be the outrageous drag queen we all love.

Today drag queen historian and video blogger Jaymes Mansfield, who draws his inspiration from the tragic 60s blond bombshell Jayne Mansfield, joins us to talk about the great women who inspired great drag queens.

FOF #2078 – Divas Defining Moments

Gay men love their divas. Whenever Cher, Madonna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga do a concert, gay neighborhoods are ghost towns as we flock to stadiums.

Today New York’s Bob the Drag Queen joins us to take a look at our favorite divas and the defining moments that propelled their careers into the realm of legend.

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FOF #1349 – Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor- today we salute the Hollywood legend, friend to man and beast- whose tireless efforts, starting in the mid-80s, to fight against AIDS, gave comfort to the afflicted and brought about change in the public’s perception about the misunderstood disease.

Listen as we take a look at the impact of this remarkable woman’s life.

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Lady Gaga’s New Album: “A Golden Spaceship Touching Down on a Rainbow Runway”

Fans are eagerly awaiting the costumed one’s new album “Born This Way” but as they wait, the buzz surrounding it is getting out of this world. DJ White Shadow, one of the music producers working […]

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PHOTO: Barbara Streisand Working Out on Her Yacht

If you have to work it out, why not bust a move on a yacht in the Caribbean? Here’s a photo of Babs soaking up the view while sweating it out. If you think this […]

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PHOTO: Cher Goes Red for Burlesque Premiere

“Stanley Tucci! What are doing in this crazy movie?” I hope Cher isn’t having second thoughts about her role in the new Burlesque film which despite our rave reviews, few people are going to go […]

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PHOTO: Drag Queens Going to See Burlesuqe

You gotta love Chicago drag queens Chicago’s Cher and Velicity Metropolis, who recently got dressed up as Cher and Christina Aguilera to go see a midnight screening of Burlesque, the tacky new film that gay […]

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