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WATCH: Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper Interview on The Today Show

Check out Lady Gaga trying to be happy on TV while Cyndi Lauper looks miserable. Am I missing something?

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Commercial Break- Aretha Franklin’s Snickers Ad

Apparently being hungry or going on long road trips with your buddy will make you gay, or at least a bytchy diva. Check out this hilarious superbowl ad featuring Aretha Franklin (and Liza Minelli.) Weather […]

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Will Karin Dreijer Start a Cold War of Weird with Lady Gaga?

I had to laugh when I saw Swedish pop star Karin Dreijer of Fever Ray accept an award, slowly lurching up to the stage in a Lady Gaga inspired red burqua, revealing her melted, plastic […]

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Fergie Says She’s Bi, Fools Around and Hunk Hubbie Josh Duhamel is Huge Like This Headline

Don’t be jealous! The headline pretty much says it all. I can see why Fergie’s record label keeps her under tight super vision. Because if we knew how fabulous her life was, we’d kill ourselves. […]

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FOF #1078 – Deven Green’s Basket of Muffins

Deven Green, the queen of YouTube and her hunky husband actor Joel Bryant join us to kick off our series of interviews from Los Angeles with some of the biggest names in online entertainment.

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