FOF #2078 – Divas Defining Moments

Nov 5, 2014 · 1985 views

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Gay men love their divas. Whenever Cher, Madonna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga do a concert, gay neighborhoods are ghost towns as we flock to stadiums.

Today New York’s Bob the Drag Queen joins us to take a look at our favorite divas and the defining moments that propelled their careers into the realm of legend.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    A great show with BtDQ!

    Ok. If you like Patti Lupone, and don’t know she’s crazy before you go work for her? Seriously. I read her autobiography and could tell right away she was totally diva-crazy. But she’s smart. She has a pool at her home named for Andrew Lloyd Webber. He broke a contract she had to appear in Sunset Boulvard so she used the money to pay for a pool.

  2. JR says:

    Will you post the link for Pink Flamingos? I can only find the Spanish dubbed version on Vimeo… 🙁

  3. GaryS says:

    Mark and Fausto,
    You know how much I love you guys, but the ‘Diva Defining Moments’ podcast??? OMG! What a mess.
    First of all you ALL need to do your GAY homework!
    Who were the female singers who laid the ground work for Judy Garland?
    Judy as you SHOULD know began signing with her sisters in Vaudeville, thats in the 20’s and 30’s! She began her film career in the 30’s; Wizard of Oz being released in 1939. Her MGM Musicals made her THE singing movie star of the early 40’s. And Diva-crazy? Judy was Diva-crazy from day one.
    Edith Piaf???? She was not known outside France until after the war in the late 40’s.
    And Fausto!!! as an Eartha-phile you should be ashamed! Eartha did not start singing until after her career as a dancer in the Dunham company in the mid late 40’s when Judy was already established as a star.
    Marlene Dietrich? Well at least you got the timing right. Marlene began her career in the early 20’s. But was hardly the kind singer of a caliber that would influence Judy.

    This is a shame. These women are major figures in musical and GAY history.
    But with all kidding aside, the fact that you guys and Bob know nothing about Josephine Baker other than her ‘Rainbow TRIBE’, (not Children), and that her ‘great-great-grandson is a fuckin’ dick’ is a real shame. Josephine Baker’s life was amazing story of an outrageous talented woman of color, oppressed by a culture that she turned around and used to her advantage becoming an international star! She was also a MAJOR activist in the civil rights movement in the 50’s. Sounds like someone a drag queen should know about? Does to me!
    And about Bob, .. Bob seems to be a…nice person. However, WHY would you have someone as young and with such an opportunity to be better informed as Bob, on a program about Divas past and present, Can you imagine if you had someone like Lady Bunny or OMG Vivacious on the program who could actually discuss the subject??? That way the show wouldn’t have had to devolve into ANOTHER discussion about which drag queens we think are on season 7!

    Such a disappointment. Do over!

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