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FOF #1691 – I Was an Internet Celebrity

The very funny Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at early online celebrities, the changing face of media, why RuPaul’s Drag Race is different from most other reality TV shows and why Lady Gaga might be struggling with her weight because of her passion for music.

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PHOTOS: Republicans Crying On Election Night

Ha ha! What a bunch of crybabies. Check out these sad faced conservatives as they weep over the loss of their great Liar-In-Chief, Mitt Romney, who never saw a reason to release his tax forms.

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FOF #1690 – Obama Nails It

Obama wins in a landslide! We like to think it it was our Rainbow Obama Unicorn t-shirts that nailed it for the President.

Listen as the awesome Brian Sweeney joins us to take at look at the election results which are thankfully finally over. Plus- Lady Gaga throws Adele under bus and an airport in the UK is using Tina Turner’s music to scare off birds.

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FOF #1689 – Get Out the Vote

If dick will make you slap somebody, then pussy will make you bite their head off.

Republican’s have foolishly taken on women’s health and reproductive rights, and it’s going to kick them in the ass. The very funny Meredtih Kachel joins us to see what’s right around the corner on election night.

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FOF #1688 – It Wasn’t So Obvious At First

Like looking for your lost keys, getting in shape isn’t always so obvious, but at least you know your body is always at the last place you saw it.

Today’s show is all about those essential things we’ve learned over the years about working out that weren’t so obvious at first.

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VIDEO: Cher and Kathy Griffin Want You to Get Out and Vote

The divas command you to vote in favor of women rights.

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Drag Yourself Out and Vote

Okay hunty! With the U.S. Presidential election just days away, some of the gals from RuPaul’s Drag Race want to remind you to go vote. Remember, don’t fuck it up. The video includes Mimi Infurst, […]

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FOF #1679 – The Secret of My Success

Movies and reality TV shows trick us into thinking that if we work hard enough, our dreams will come true. We can do anything if we just have the perfect training montage to push that boulder up the hill.

Our friend Brian Sweeney just lost his lucrative job working the layaway counter at a retail discount store, but that’s not going to stop him from getting what he wants out of life.

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FOF #1676 – Hard to Look At

Men’s locker rooms are a curious thing. You put enough guys together in a private space and sexy hijinks are bound to happen. Our friend Eric Clements recently had an unwelcome encounter in one he didn’t know how to handle, so today we’re helping him make sense of it.

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FOF #1671 – The Worst Halloween Movies Ever

The ghoulish gal from San Francisco, Peaches Christ, joins us to look at the worst Halloween themed films ever made, Paul Lynde’s Halloween TV special and classic films that feature Halloween as a theme.

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