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FOF #2024 – What Big Cities Can Learn From Small Town Pride

Pride parades in big cities are out of control! After decades of being a rallying point for LGBT folks, the parades now attract huge mobs that are more interested in having a good time than building community or equality. Thankfully in small towns across the country this is not the case.

Our guest today is former college football player Eric Lueshen who in the wake of pro football star Michael Sam coming out, decided to come forward with his own story.

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FOF #1983 – The First Openly Gay College Football Star

In the wake of pro football star Michael Sam coming out, Eric Lueshen, a former kicker for the Nebraska Cornhuskers was encouraged by others to come forward and share his own coming out story.

Even though Eric was openly gay to his friends, family and team-mates in high school, in 2002 he was recruited by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to play as their place kicker.

Listen as Eric Lueshen chats with us about the challenges of being out in sports and he shares his heartfelt message of hope, love and acceptance.