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FOF #2077 – Sami Grisafe Loves Her Ukulele

On today’s live music podcast, we have Chicago’s LGBT music “It girl” Sami Grisafe! Sammi is giving us a sneak peek at her new album “Brand New Fairy tale” which features Eric Himan singing the hook in the title song.

Listen as Sami weighs in on the rapidly changing music scene, and how artists are doing it for themselves.

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VIDEO: Michael Sam Becomes the NFL’s First Openly Gay Football Player

Although this tearful emotional moment has happened thousands of times before in the NFL, this is the first time in history that an openly gay man got drafted into the NFL. Watch Michael Sam tearful […]

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FOF #1983 – The First Openly Gay College Football Star

In the wake of pro football star Michael Sam coming out, Eric Lueshen, a former kicker for the Nebraska Cornhuskers was encouraged by others to come forward and share his own coming out story.

Even though Eric was openly gay to his friends, family and team-mates in high school, in 2002 he was recruited by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to play as their place kicker.

Listen as Eric Lueshen chats with us about the challenges of being out in sports and he shares his heartfelt message of hope, love and acceptance.

FOF #1934 – Do People Care if You’re Gay Anymore?

They say it’s “history in the making”- University of Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam has come out of the closet, and is likely to be drafted into the National Football League as the first openly gay professional football player.

Joining us today is the incorrigible Brian Sweeney, who really couldn’t give a damn about this, but always has something funny to say anyway. Is Michael Sam’s coming out going to mean anything?

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VIDEO: Darkness Comes Featuring David Wolfman Williams

Australian football hottie David Wolfman Williams gets into some kinky bondage and goes a little wild in the short film Darkness Comes.

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VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo Strips Down and Gets Measured

The very sexy Real Madrid soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo strips down and gets measured for a wax figure that will be unveiled at Madrid Wax Museum next fall. What I wouldn’t give to be those […]

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VIDEO: Football Coach Wishes for “Glory Hole Days”

Apparently in football, some years are “Glory hole” years and some are not.

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VIDEO: Rob Gronkowski Wants to Help Tim Tebow Out

Football super Hunk Rob Gronkowski is asked “would you kill em, marry em or f@ck em: Rex Ryan, Betty White or Tim Tebow?” His response is a total turn on.

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PHOTO: Tebow and Hamm Make a Cute Couple

I think I’ve had a dream like this once. Tim Tebow and Jon Hamm posed for the cameras at the NFL Honors And Pepsi Rookie Of The Year ceremony that took place over the weekend. […]

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VIDEO: Short Film – Floating Soccer Feild

Kids will do anything to have fun but these kids really put a lot of effort into their play! Watch this charming true story about a kid’s soccer team from a Thai village that floats […]

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