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LGBTs Respond to Cardinal George’s Criticism of Our Protest

Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George recently took the Gay Liberation Network (GLN) to task for our protest Sunday morning in front of Holy Name Cathedral against his anti-gay policies.  Cardinal George issued the following statement: “Some […]

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Important Win for LGBT Rights and Secular Activists!

The City of Chicago said they would not arrest protesters at a forthcoming Gay Liberation Network protest for violation of an ordinance which bans most picketing of religious institutions immediately before, during or after religious services are being conducted.

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Cardinal George Again Blasts ”Gay Marriage”

In this week’s Windy City Times, Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George again speaks out against equal marriage rights while traveling to Boston. “No one has the right to change marriage,” he says. Funny, women used to […]

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Chicago Nightclub CANCELS ”Kill Gays” Capleton Performance

Once Again, Public Pressure Delivers the Goods Please THANK “Kinetic Playground” Nightclub for Doing the Right Thing! CHICAGO — Through a series of negotiations this week and last and with the threat of a demonstration, […]

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FOF #1121 – Bad Cop, No Donut

2009 was a tough year. Major setbacks in marriage equality, corrupt banks, derailed health care reform make us ask “where’s the hope?” Chicago gay rights activist Andy Thayer of Gay Liberation Network joins us with some bold solutions to our biggest problems. Plus, he’s got breaking news on Boystown’s most corrupt cop, Officer Fiorito.

In the news: Sarah Palin gets a job as a commentator on Fox, a real-life Mrs. Robinson, tranny neanderthals and Mr. Gay China.

FOF #906 – Doma-Bama

Bad cops, no donuts! That’s one of Andy Thayer’s favorite chants. Andy is a hard working longtime activist fighting for gay and lesbian rights with the Gay Liberation Network. Andy is leading this weekend’s demonstration […]

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FOF #849 – Marching for Matthew Shepard

It’s been 10 years since college student Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in the town of Laramie, Wyoming. How far have we come in creating laws to protect queer folks from violent crimes? On today’s […]

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