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FOF #2832 – Diary of a Gal Pal to the Gays

For gay men, our best friends are often the wonderful women who stood by us in our youth when we felt all alone in the world. This emotional bond can feel like an intensely passionate love affair but in reality you’re really just friends without benefits.

Today comedians Lindsey Shaw and Matt Brown join us to take a look at gay men and their intense romantic friendships with women, from legendary stars like Judy Garland and Liza Minelli’ to Lindsay’s own deep relationship with a man who later came out as gay.

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FOF #2014 – Stir Fry for Your Life

The time has come, for us to stir-fry for our lives. We’re delighted to finally announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Cooking with Drag Queens, Season One has begun!

Cooking with Drag Queens combines the gals who tuck and food into a fabulous new web series, where you’ll really get to know your favorite queens and meet some fabulous spicy new gals.

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FOF #1953 – A Texas Gender Outlaw

As a way to get people talking, comedian Jeffrey Jay dares college audiences to ask him offensive questions about being trans. If someone hurts his feelings he says he’ll pay them $200. So far he’s not shelled out a dime.

Today the hilarious Jeffrey Jay joins us to talk about the insane questions his audiences have asked him over the years that made him almost, almost pay someone $200.

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FOF #1897 – Million Dollar Body Parts

Everyone knows insurance is a huge racket. You pay money over the years and then they use any excuse to weasel out on your claim. Celebrities have more disposable cash than common sense, so some have insured their asses to protect their assets.

Today the hilarious Matteo Lane joins us to pick through the random body parts celebrities get insured for millions and billions of dollars.

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FOF #1865 – Tops vs Bottoms

For blogger Zach Stafford, he feels that men who wind up on top take for granted all the things bottoms have to go through to make the sex happen, from eating right, to tidying up the back porch and protecting themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

Join us as we take a look at ways guys take for granted being on top, and what your Hook Up App profile photo says about you.

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FOF #1854 – Everybody Goes to Hollywood

Recently Kristen Studard, one of Chicago’s most celebrated comedians packed up her bags one snowy winter day and relocated to sunny L.A.. And guess what? She loves it!

Today we take a look at some of the myths surrounding the larger than life entertainment mecca that is Hollywood. Is everyone on drugs there? How bad is the traffic? Why are some of these entertainers so damn self-centered?

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FOF #1726 – Digital Apocalypse

The Internet may have changed everyone’s lives for the better, but sometimes it feels like all these new blogs and social media sites are ruining everything and turning us into awful people.

Today, the very funny Brian Sweeney joins us to look at awful behavior we all do on the internet and what we can do to stop it. Why all content creators are slumming it and what the future of your favorite websites will look like.

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FOF #1721 – All Aboard the Lady Gaga Bait Bus

Lady Gaga kicked off her new tour by christening the Born Brave Bus, a colorful bus where fans at her concerts can seek professional mental health services.

Today we take a look at the idea of pop stars providing medical services to their fans. If this trend continues, will we see weight loss clinics for fans of Adele or plastic surgery clinics for fans of Cher?

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Donna Summer’s Letter to Act-Up

Ah Donna Summer’s letter to Act-Up regarding that nasty “AIDS is G*ds punishment to Gays” – Remember that?! Holy cow! Apparently, Act-Up started protesting her shows and she wrote them a two page letter (after […]

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FOF #1572 – When Your HIV Status Becomes Your Facebook Status

Brian Heckler joins us to tell his story about recently becoming HIV positive, the love and support he got from his friends and community and the struggles he faces with his family.

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