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FOF #2040 – Brianna Baker Goes to Prison, Hollywood

Like a lot of performers in Chicago, Brianna Baker is making Feast of Fun her last stop before heading to Hollywood to further her career.

Before her big move, Brianna, who never really met her father in person, recently visited him in prison in Florida and discovered they have a lot in common.

Today, Brianna Baker talks about moving from Chicago to LA while connecting with her father as he prepares to get out of prison.

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VIDEO: 100 Pussies Running Around Ikea

They let loose 100 cats in an ikea and videotape it. Why???? So we will talk about it. So enjoy all the furry pussy…well one is shaved.

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VIDEO: Banned Ikea Commercial

Apparently some of the folks that run the TV stations in Houston Texas have a problem with the new commercial from Ikea and have decided not to air it. They’re just trying to promote the […]

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FOF #1048 – A Tale of Two Cities

Special two hour call-in show with Mike Rogers on outing closeted anti-gay politicians, rumors on Perez Hilton and Michael Jackson and suicidial swiss cows.