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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Yucks It Up With the Queens of Comedy

Anderson Cooper talks with Kathy Griffin, Joy Behar, Joan Rivers, and Phyllis Dyler.

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Kathy Griffin Calls it Quits on Her Reality TV Show

Nooooooo! Kathy Griffin, our favorite red-headed reality TV star and stand-up comedian formally announced that this will be the last season of her show “My Life on the D List.” Oh why God, why? Kathy […]

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Kathy Griffin Tries To Undress and Kiss Anderson Cooper

Can you blame her? Check out this hilarious exhcnage between Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper on CNN’s New Year’s Eve. I’ve heard so far Kathy didn’t upset the brass at CNN and managed to it […]

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VIDEO: Larry King Live Features LGBT Power Team on Bullying

Larry King recently featured a “Power Team” of LGBT celebrities and allies of the LGBT community to discuss bullying of LGBT children and the effects of the government, media and organized religion on LGBT youth. […]

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Emmy Noms Out: What This TV Junkie Thinks of Them

It’s Emmy nomination time, and this year’s contenders are all shows I watch so I feel ike I have real opinions this time around, not just my favorites who have to compete against Ray Romano […]

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VIDEO: Kathy Griffin vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Kathy Griffin appeared on “The View” today to promote her new season of her reality TV show “My Life on the D-List” and got into a hot exchange with conservative douche bag Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Who […]

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PHOTOS: Backstage with Kathy Griffin, Jade Sotomayor and Miss Foozie at Pridefest Milwaukee

Who doesn’t love Kathy Griffin? We had a fantastic time performing and kicking off an amazing evening of music, comedy and drag queen fun for Pridefest Milwaukee 2010.

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PHOTO: Dog Groomed to Look Like Kathy Griffin

At least we think the dog was groomed to look like Kathy Griffin. From the New York Time’s article on Integroom’s extreme dog grooming competition. The caption read: “Third place went to a dog named […]

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FOF #1151 – Lavender Menace

We met the hilarious Kate Carolan of the Lavender Menace blog at a cocktail party where she was trying to seduce Candace Jordan, the 1979 Playboy Centerfold. Listen as Kate fills us in on all the drama as the gay bar SPIN gets into hot water with lesbian party promoters.

Plus: Yelp faces a lawsuit, the lesbo-licious Law & Order episode with Kathy Griffin, real Housewife of Atlanta Kim Zolciak comes out, and warning! Big Red Gum mixed with urine may create a powerful chemical reaction.

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WATCH: Kathy Griffin Goes Gay on Mariska Hargitay on an Upcoming Episode of Law & Order- SVU

There are a lot of divas in this video. The clip begins with Kathy Griffin’s upcoming appearance on Law and Order playing a living human being (not a dead one like Jack Mackenroth) and playing […]

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