Emmy Noms Out: What This TV Junkie Thinks of Them

Jul 8, 2010 · 1985 views

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It’s Emmy nomination time, and this year’s contenders are all shows I watch so I feel ike I have real opinions this time around, not just my favorites who have to compete against Ray Romano […]


  1. Rick A says:

    Curtis, great summary– but one nit– Chris Colfer plays Kurt, the young gay kid on “Glee.” Kevin McHale plays the wheelchair-bound Artie on “Glee.” Chris’s nomination is most definitely deserved.

  2. Curtis says:

    Rick, I just saw that on Twitter (went to follow Chris and there it was Kurts photo- I was like – oh fuck..)…I don’t know many of the kids real names, and looked at the first link after searching the name and it was some website that had photos of the wheelchair kid identified as Chris..I feel terrible. and in revision I say YES YES YES come on Kurt! He has had a great story arc and has played a sexual harasser better than anyone else on TV this year ;[)

  3. Brian says:

    No awards for RuPaul’s Drag Race?! Boycott!!!!

  4. Danny Dubai says:

    To be honest, The Emmy’s are gonna run pretty much like Glee Clip show.
    I think the nominations for Chris Colfer & Mike O’mally are fab and all but i genuinely think that maybe they pushed those nominations through, with the popularity of Glee and how we gays love to support our own, and the movement. I think its a ratings stunt! But if it raises awareness and makes even one person think its a stunt with a good result.

  5. It was innovative, but do we really think the first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is Emmy worthy?!?!? There were good moments but i don’t really think its emmy worthy yet, maybe for the third season I think.

  6. I’m also going to go on record as saying Glee is overrated. I’m the eternal devil’s advocate.

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