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FOF #2182 – In the Kitchen with Lola Von Miramar

Today, Lola Von Miramar, the only drag queen in our series with a Ph.D. (and that’s not just piled high and deep) joins us to talk about the delicious things that didn’t make it into her Cooking with Drag Queens episode.

Throughout his life, Larry has been told he would make a wonderful drag queen but he resisted the call of the wild because of the stigma associated with cross dressing but in summer 2010 he relented and dove right in.

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FOF #2017 – Lola Von Miramar and the Delicious Tostones

Although Professor Larry La Fountain has made significant contributions to the field of Queer Latin American studies, he’s probably best known for his drag debut in “How to Make Tostones” which inspired our new web series Cooking with Drag Queens.

Today Larry La Fountain joins us to talk about his fabulous second career as drag queen Lola Von Miramar.

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FOF #1433 – Country Queen, City Queen

For many gay folks, moving to the big city may be an important rite of passage but in some ways it’s become a lot easier to lead a happy life in your own hometown.

Do gay people still need to move to urban cities to lead happy lives?

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FOF #1431 – Lola Von Miramar Takes Over the World

We’re in Ann Arbor, Michigan with Larry La Fountain, the man behind the fabulous Lola Von Miramar from the “Tostones” video.

Join us as we have a fabulous talk about drag queens, Puerto Rican drag queens and building a college course on the cultural fringe.

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REVIEW: Miss Coco Peru’s Star Shines Bright in the Midwest

Coco Peru is one angry, bitter queen: angry at the legacy of anti-gay, anti-sissy-boy discrimination and intolerance, bitter about political correctness, political stupidity, and general human foibles. But she swallows that bitter pill (and spills […]

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FOF #1240 – Love! Valor! Coco Peru!

Hundreds of gay men, queens, daddies and studs came to check out Coco Peru’s fabulous live show at the Dunes in Saugatuck, and there wasn’t a dry seat in the house.

Joining us today is full-time professor and part-time drag queen Larry La Fountain. Larry is here to give us his review of Coco Peru’s show and share with us the sexy highlights of our weekend trip.

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Cultura Queer: Puertoriqueños en la diaspora

Entrevista en español con Larry La Fountain-Stokes en la que habla sobre su libro Queer Ricans y su trabajo. También discute temas LGBT y queer puertorriqueños.

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FOF #1064 – The Journey of Queer Ricans

Larry La Fountain, professor of queer studies at the University of Michigan talks about his new book Queer Ricans, an exploration of the cultural expression of Puerto Rican queerness and how sexuality has shaped and defined the Puerto Rican experience in the United States.

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FOF #738 – Big Girl Party

Every weekend in the burbs of Chicago, big girls and their admirers get together for a party and two weekends ago our large and in charge pal Tracy Tyler attended and was the belle of […]

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