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FOF # 2877 – Brandon Ash Mohamed is Black, Queer and a Capricorn

We always think of Canada, our neighbor to the north, as an idyllic place where fountains flow with maple syrup, moose roam freely and everyone is happy riding toboggans to work.

But, just like the folks in the US of A, Canada has its own problems with race and police brutality.

Joining us today is comedian Brandon Ash Mohamed, who as far as we know, is the only out gay Black comedian in Canada, to talk about his new comedy album, Capricornication, where he talks about growing up black and gay in the Great White North.

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FOF #1799 – Boy Scouts & Leathermen

The Boy Scouts earned a badge of mediocrity over their announcement to end to their ban on gay troops, while keeping a ban on gay leaders. Meanwhile here in Chicago, the International Mr. Leather Pageant attracted lots of kinky folks sporting sashes reminiscent of the Boy Scouts.

Joining us today is former Boy Scout Chris Doucette who grew up to earn a merit badge in hilariousnes.

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FOF #1746 – You Think Everyone is Gay

As hard as it is to imagine, at one point in time people thought that certain celebrities who are now seen as very gay were straight.

Well, almost everyone. Gay people have always been good at spotting their own in the limelight because we need to find each other in the wild. Today Brian Sweeney is coming out– of his house and over to our studio to blow– the lid off the strange history of celebrities coming out gay.

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Happy 4th of July from Liberace’s Sparkly Ghost

Having a 3 day weekend isn’t good, it’s faaaaabulous!

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VIDEO: Cee Lo Green Pays Tribute to Liberace in “I Want You”

Feels like a classic Lionel Richie song to me. I love it for that and for paying tribute to the original superstar, Liberace.  Green calls himself “Loberace”.  Awesome.  I loved his “Fuck You” song too.

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16 Insane, Fabulous Things Covered in Rhinestones

On Glitter Day, you can never have too much bling on your things, so we thought it would be nice to offer a gift guide of things covered in rhinestones. Don’t ask me about vajazzling your body parts or your iPhone.

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FOFA #834 – The Legacy of Liberace

Join us as we talk to the President of the Liberace Foundation Darin Hollingsworth in 2008 from inside the Liberace Museum about the man behind all the glitz and glamor.

Sadly, the Liberace Museum is closing its doors after 31 years, but it’s going on tour. So catch it if you can- too much of a good thing is wonderful.

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FOF #1071 – Like a Blowtorch in a Tornado

Two of our latino friends, visual artist and gay dad Erik R Sosa and comedian, actor and performance artist Esteban Andres Cruz join us to take an intense and inebriated look at parenting, gay rights and how conservatives are targeting openly gay men appointed by the Obama administration.

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FOF #1017 – Sabrina Matthews’ Underwater Adventure

Comedian Sabrina Matthews shares her story of being attacked by a barracuda off the coast of Myanmar, her unusual treatment at a foreign hospital, and how the US government almost left her to languish in Thai prison.

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FOF #834 – The Legacy of Liberace

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SHOW | SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES Put on your rhinestone covered headphones, we’ve got a dazzling show for you today! Is it possible to put a million rhinestones into this podcast? […]

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