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FOF #2323 – The Unsinkable Joan Waters

We’re mad about Joan Waters, a carefree drag queen who happily embraces her goofy side to the delight of audiences.

Today Joan Waters joins us to talk about beating off 20 drag queens to snatch the crown in Trannika Rex’s drag contest, Crash Landing, which was a surprise win for this perennial drag underdog. Plus– Happy Birthday Fausto Fernós!

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FOF #2297 – Rubbing One Out at Work

Chances are you’re probably listening to this podcast at work— so here’s a little trick to keeping your spirits up on the job, if god forbid, your boss won’t let you access the show: instead of taking a coffee or smoke break, try going to the bathroom, and rubbing one out.

Our guest today is writer Nico Lang, who in his latest piece in Ravishly talks about how folks at work are turning to masturbation as a way to relieve work stress.

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FOF #1838 – Brian Sweeney Gone Wild

Everyone gets a little pleasure seeing someone who’s been bottling up their feelings cut loose. Whether it’s a little old lady cursing, a uptight guy in a suit starting to dance or a sexually repressed person getting jiggy with it, we love when they go wild

Today Brian Sweeney goes wild and joins us to talk about times when straight guys get romantically or sexually attracted to other men, and why gay guys sometimes love to see a macho man taste the rainbow.

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Masturbation Jar: True Story or Urban Legend?

Since it’s going around the internet, I had to post this delightful cartoon about a guy who tried to patent the idea of a masturbation jar. I’m guessing if this really happened, the guy just […]

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VIDEO: Corn Flakes Were Invented to Stop Masturbation…

It is national masturbation month (I better catch up). This CNN video talks about Masturbation Myths and 3/4 of the way through covers a bit of stuff about Kellog and his hate of masturbation and […]

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VIDEO: Pubescent Hobbits

These two hobbits leave a conspicuous white trail all over Middle Earth.  Very funny video.

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IMAGE: Anti-Gay Exodus Youth and Ridiculous Masturbation Illustration

Anti-gay Exodus Youth asks the question “Is Masturbation a sin?” and this is how the illustrate it!

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FOF #741 – Birthday Wishes

It’s my birthday! We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday and drink Bacardi, like it’s your birthday… Don’t you just love this cake? We went to our neighborhood Swedish Bakery to get my favorite chocolate […]

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