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FOF #2827 – Merrie Cherry’s Tribute to Women of Black History

To celebrate Black History Month, Brooklyn drag queen Merrie Cherry is paying tribute to legendary black women of history by dressing up as them and posting her portraits side by side on Instagram. Don’t worry, she’s black so it’s all good.

Today Marrie Cherrie joins us from London to look at the wonderful women in Black History and share her tales of surviving a stroke and recently losing her wallet and stuff in Europe.

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FOF #1806 – It’s OK to Yell at Michelle

Oh no she didn’t! First Lady Michelle Obama got pissed when angry lesbian activist Ellen Sturtz from the group GetEqual heckled her at a fundraiser held in a private home. Michelle got up in the woman’s face, saying it was either her way or the highway. The activist was escorted out and the party went on.

Today we’re taking a look at why gay folks are upset that one of their own heckled the First Lady.

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FOF #1511 – Mind Control

Today we’re taking a look at mind control- how ad agencies, churches, and political campaigns are all trying to control your mind.

Your brain is more like an insecure teenage girl who is worried to death what her friends think of her. What they if they don’t like me?

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Food Plate is the New Food Pyramid

So long food pyramid, you made us all fat. Now we have a better way to view the portions of food we should eat. But are these proportion really the best ?

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Who Will Be in Michelle Obama’s Box Tonight?

Just got a press release from the White House telling me who was going to be in Michelle Obama’s box tonight for the State of the Union Address. You think President Obama is ok with […]

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FOF #873 – Yes We Did!

Yes we can people, yes we did! Voter anxiety was alleviated yesterday as the nation electad its first black President, the Senator from Illinois Barack Obama. We are thrilled. Marc and I decided to get […]

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FOF #800 – We Are All Hussein

Happy 800 shows everyone! Love to watch that odometer of podcasting turn. Today we’re thrilled to have our good friend, writer and health advocate Jim Pickett joining us to dispel some rumors, conspiracies and misconception […]

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