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FOF #2905 – You’re Fired!

Spoiler alert! Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 US presidential election. The country is safe from evil again, and you were so worried, weren’t you? You lost so much sleep, didn’t you? You drank so much booze, didn’t you?

He did win didn’t he? Well, sort of. Republicans are declaring war on democracy by asking to stop the count in areas where they’re winning and re-count all the votes in areas where they’re losing.

Right now we’re waiting for Georgia, Pennsylvania or Nevada to announce the results so we can finally say Trump, you’re fired.

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Top Google Searches in Mississippi: ”Free, Gay Porn” And ”God”, in That Order.

The site Calamities of Nature corelated the google searches for “free, gay porn” and “god” by state from 2004 to the present.  They found that Mississippi ranked #1 for searching for both.  I guess those […]

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…And in that secret location, they slow-danced to “Lying Eyes”: How Itawamba screwed Constance McMillen.

When Constance McMillen sued her Mississippi School for discrimination for barring her from Prom because she’s in a same-sex relationship, the school canceled prom for everyone. When it looked like a Federal Judge might force them to have it anyway, the school got to work planning… two of them.

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