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FOF #2516 – Right In Front of My Salad?

Ever since folks started posting content on the Internet, there have been people pretending to be someone they are not- con artists, catfishers and even digital blackface has made the Internet a terrible place.

Don’t worry, no one is coming for your NeNe Leakes GIFs quite yet but on today’s show comedian Colette Gregory joins us to take a look at racism and comedy on the Internet.

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FOF #2068 – Some of My Best Friends are Photoshopped In

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is in hot water after getting caught digitally inserting a stock photo of an older black woman beaming over his shoulder in his campaign materials.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I have a lot of photoshopped friends. Since comedian Joel Kim Booster feels lonely living in New York City, we’re going to give him a new stock photo black best girlfriend too.

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FOF #1420 – Kitty’s Battle for Equality in New York

The recent landmark victory for Marriage Equality in the State of New York was a close call. One key Republican, Senator Mark Grisanti changed his vote at the last moment in favor of equality because one woman, Kitty Lambert and her friends at the organization OUTspoken for Equality persuaded him to do so.

Empire State Building by Michael Key

New York wedding bells will ring ahead of schedule!

New York political leaders are very eager to get one huge state going on gay marriage quicker; they’re opening offices on a Sunday to do it.

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New York Votes In Marriage Equality Act, Allowing Same-Sex Couples to Marry

Good news everyone! The State of New York just got the extra vote they needed to enact the Marriage Equality Act. It’s a done deal. As the final votes passed the crowd in the chamber […]

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VIDEO: Standing Up for Gay Families

12% of New Yorkers stood up for gay families, while 50% of Texans stood up for them.  WOW!  Just watch the video or you won’t believe me.

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VIDEO: Honey Badger Narrated by Randall

Randall narrates a series of animal videos with a New York gay accent. What’s your take on the accent? How accurate is it?

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Queers You Should Know – Gawker’s Brian Moylan

Brian Moylan, the indomitable gay voice of Gawker Media, gave The New Gay a couple minutes of his time last month to talk about queer media, snark and what its like to be talking to […]

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VIDEO: Deven Green And Joel Bryant’s “Pulled Pork”

Deven Green and Joel Bryant parody “Empire State of Mind” with “Pulled Pork.”

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NPR: Carl Paladino: Gay ’Option’ Not ’as Valid’ as Straight

According to Paladino sexual orientation is like a V-8 commercial where gay men may one day slap their foreheads and exclaim, “I coulda had a woman!”  He doesn’t understand or is unwilling to accept that […]

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