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PHOTOSHOP: A Trannylicious Glenn Palin

Creepy and hilarious, someone did a trannylicious mashup of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Does this image haunt Levi Johnston in his dreams?

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72-Year-Old Grandmother Expecting Baby With Grandson

…Yeah. Chew on that headline for a moment. A 72-year-old granny in Indiana has spent $58,000 from her pension fund to pay for a surrogate to carry a child for her and her 26-year-old grandson. […]

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Japanese Mature Drag Queen Wants to Play

A friend just send me this odd video of a mature Japanese drag queen. She is looking for someone to play with and apparently likes gardening and reading the Koran.

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The Majesty of Christmas Music

One of our favorite video bloggers and strange video archivists, Everything is Terrible puts togetheri a bizzare montage of Christmas music videos, including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If you live in Chicago, come join […]

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Feast of Fools Holiday XXX-Mas Spectacular

Created way back in 2005, we put together this wacky “silent film” of our bizarre twisted version of the Nutcracker, featuring Victoria Lamarr, Amanda, Marc Felion, Taylor E Ross and me, Fausto Fernós.

We made this video in anticipation of iTunes and iPods supporting video playback. At the time YouTube didn’t exist, and iTunes had only been supporting audio podcast subscriptions for several months.

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Gingerbread Video 2009! Chateau Vaux Le Vicomte

Here it is, after many hours of editing my 2009 gingerbread video is ready.  This year’s project: the Chateau Vaux le Vicomte.  Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Burger King Japan’s Special Windows 7 Whopper

Because a million dollar TV ad featuring Bill Gates and comedian Jerry Seinfeld shopping for shoes wasn’t weird enough. The folks up at Microsoft decided to team up with all the Burger King restaurants in […]

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Everything is Terrible’s Holiday Special Intro

The good folks at Everything is Terrible are out with their Holiday Special, and like most of their other videos, everything is hilarious. Going by aliases like Commodore Gilgamesh and Ghoul Skool the video blogging […]

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PHOTOSHOP CONTEST: Aretha Franklin’s Walrus Coat

I am the walrus. You are the walrus, Aretha Franklin’s the walrus, coo-coo ka-choo. Let’s have a contest! Photoshop yourself into the transparent PNG file we made of Aretha Franklin’s fabulously odd fur coat, or […]

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The Periodic Table of Cupcakes

Katherine from the blog “Foodie Friday” helped to bake for her little sister’s birthday party the entire Periodic table of elements, each represented by a cupcake. She affectionately calls her sister a “chemistry nerd” but […]

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