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FOF #1822 – Movie Villains We Root For

Villains. Booo! When a film features a tale of good vs evil, we’re supposed to hate the bad guy. So why do we sometimes find ourselves loving the villain so much that we want them to triumph?

Today Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at movie villains we’re supposed to hate, but actually love. Guys and gals that are so good at being bad, you want them to kick the hero’s ass.

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Mike Rogers Outs Mark Kirk… or Does He?

Are a couple college same-sex hook-ups enough evidence to call a man in his 50s gay? Mike Rogers seems to think so, but what do you think?

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Is Mike Rogers about to out Mark Kirk?

Madonna had a tale to tell. Mike Rogers, apparently does as well–and its about what Mark Kirk ISN’T telling us.

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Another California lawmaker outed–Lindsey Graham; Aaron Schock fidget nervously.

While Peoria’s US Representative Aaron Schock sticks his hands in his pocket, looks down and shuffles his feet while whistling out of tune, yet another closeted gay lawmaker is outed. This time, once again, in […]

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FOF #1048 – A Tale of Two Cities

Special two hour call-in show with Mike Rogers on outing closeted anti-gay politicians, rumors on Perez Hilton and Michael Jackson and suicidial swiss cows.